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Ademola Adeleke has reacted to Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s comment of feeling ridiculed to contest in an election which he, the dancing senator was part of.

We reported that the Osun State Governor while receiving the leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) led by Yemi Farounbi in his office on July 17, 2019, suggested that Adeleke ought to have been screened out of the governorship race.

Reacting to the comment credited to Governor Oyetola, Ademola Adeleke stated that dancing is better than looting the treasury, especially when praising God. He further alleged that the Osun State Governor who defeated him in a recent Supreme Court face-off, was the chief enabler of the most corrupt, inept and anti-people administration in the history of the state.

The statement reads “Osun people know that I am not the facilitator and prime partaker in the looting of the state treasury. For more than eight years, Gboyega Oyetola was the chief enabler of the most corrupt, inept and anti-people administration in the history of Osun state.

“What is more shameful in Yoruba land than theft? I dare Oyetola to walk the streets of Osun alongside me and see who will get mobbed and stoned by the embittered citizens of our dear state. The people had voted the honest dancer and rejected the false progressives who had ruined the fortunes of Osun state and sentenced generations unborn to excruciating debt burden.

“Osun people will remember that immediately after the apex court ruling, I issued a press statement congratulating Oyetola and restraining our members and supporters from violence and anti-peace actions.

“I claim credit for restoring normalcy, peace and stability to Osun state after the protracted governorship battle. At a time Oyetola and his band of usurpers were at a loss on how to manage the usurpation and its resultant tension in the land, I deployed diplomacy, putting the safety of our people above all considerations despite the blatant robbery you now call electoral loss.

“Let me remind Oyetola that his records as chief of staff to Rauf Aregbesola clearly confirmed his incompetence as an administrator but shows his competence at treasury looting and hardship imposition.

“Workers are still being owed with the wicked half salary designed by Oyetola still in operation. Pensioners are still being owed their gratuities and benefits. The many abandoned projects which had been fully or mostly paid for still litter the state, the MKO Abiola Aiport remains a jungle with no single structure standing despite N26bn purportedly wasted on the project is of many examples.