The story of singer Davido and his abandoned daughter is no more news to us. Today Nigerian Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has served us some more breaking details on the now popular issue.

Read her post below:

#Davido has confessed to the royal father that he LIED when he said on the night in February 2013 when @ayolabinjoh left her waitress job at Ibadan’s popular GQ club to another club with him then his hotel that “we all had sex with her and she collected N30K each from all 4 of us. She was a mere prostitute who got 120k. I don’t have to support the bastard child the of a prostitute. We were young, we were reckless, I was 20yo just new in the business with two monster hits Ekuro and Dami Duro, now I have a woman following me and my success is stable”~~David Adedeji Adeleke referring to Ayo Labinjo who he fathered a daughter with who made a mere N20k per month as a part time waitress, girlfriend Chioma following him🙄 and also two other daughters.

During my Investigation and press conference I grilled Ayo on these two the light skin cousins. She stated in front of media cameras that she did not sleep with BRed, Shina or the dead DJ Olugbemiga Abiodun and that David was a pathetic liar that still contacted her secretly asking her for more sex but declined to talk to him again after he refused to help her with the baby. She also told the media who asked her if she was impaired and possibly raped. She stated she was alert and DOES NOT DRINK and nobody in Davido’s entourage entered their room. She asked Davido to wear a condom and he declined citing no disease and that she was a pretty girl that doesn’t look infected.
In the last two weeks I contacted police on arresting the cousins for possible rape and demanded to have all three Adeleke singers TESTED especially Bayo Adeleke who had the most striking resemblance with Anu. My client Ayo said she is not a slut or prostitute and she followed Davido to the hotel not his cousins or DJ or any other crew member.
DEMOLA AND DEJI SEE YOUR LIVES WITH YOUR SONS. MONEY CAN’T BUY A DISGRACEFUL NAME. At least you have confessed that part @DAVIDOOFFICIAL. I’m here begging strangers for cash to support ur child in addition to my own savings. Ayo meanwhile has fainted and in a retreat resting in seclusion. You are wicked! You are wicked! You will sow what you reap.
#Kemiolunloyo #SurvivingDavido #adeleke