The Kemi Olunloyo and Davido feud is no longer news if you are a celebrity follower and on social media. Kemi Olunloyo is a Nigerian Journalist and also a health expert, Davido is a Nigerian singer.

Kemi Olunoyo has been on Davido’s neck over ties to a Mitchelle Adeleke, whose mother is claiming the singer is her baby father. Kemi has made her stance clear, for a fair grounded DNA test and payment of a backlog on child care.

Well, there was a video that went viral some time ago that had Davido denying knowledge of Kemi Olunloyo (the denial happened on the show when a follower of the show called in).

But from recent happens Davido does know Kemi! This came to light after the singer blocked her on social media and she posted it on Instagram.

Kemi is also alleged that the singer’s ‘ASSURANCE’ girlfriend is sleeping with label crew members and warned her of the possible rejection she will face should she get pregnant.