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Yesterday we reported the death of the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku kingdom, Prof Chukuka Okonjo who was immediately replaced by his son Obi Ifechukwude Chukuka Okonjo. The death was confirmed by the daughter of the obi, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

Taking to Instagram to shed more light on the poplar family, Nigerian journalist, Dr Kemi Olunloyo wrote about a lot that Nigerian do not know about and some connection between the Olunloyos and the Iwealas.

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HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PROFESSOR OKONJO HAS PASSED AWAY. #RIP⚰️🇳🇬🕊️ Ngozi wrote: “It is with thanks to Almighty God that I announce two impactful events: the Ascension to the throne of the Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom of my brother, Obi Ifechukwude Chukuka Okonjo, upon the passing away of my father Obi (Professor) Chukuka Okonjo at the age of 91.” LEARN HISTORY:

The Okonjo and Olunloyo families grew up in University of Ibadan in the 70’s. Some lovely memories. I remember when Ngozi and Njide were the only ones. Two daughters, then mom and dad two professors decided to go back to school and keep learning.

They took SEVEN years off from family life and raised two daughters while studying. They came out successful and fabulously RICH! THEN… they decided to have more kids. All boys!! About 5 of them I know well including Obi who succeeds his dad as King and of course the almighty Chichi Okonjo.

Later most of all ended up in Maryland USA, Njide married Fred Udochi an accountant, they had grandchild Dr Chichi Udochi a young charismatic 28yo US trained medical doctor who I witnessed his miraculous birth on April 15th 1991 when Njide went into labor and nobody was home. I rushed her to the hospital that day🥺👏🍼👶🏾 Ngozi later married Dr Iweala in Southern Maryland USA🇺🇸 had her own Intelligent brood all Harvard graduates with Uzodinma Iweala one of her sons an American author and medical doctor of Nigerian descent.

His debut novel, Beasts of No Nation, a formation of his thesis work (in creative writing) at Harvard. It depicts a child soldier in an unnamed African country went on to become a Hollywood movie. Then there’s Aisha and Nadia the granddaughters who are Njide’s daughters. Ngozi served us as Finance Minister twice. I can continue all day.

The whole family was successful. Some dark days years ago Grandma Okonjo was KIDNAPPED and held ransom while her daughter was Finance Minister then later released. Grandpa worked hard for his family and was RICHLY BLESSED.

So for all the fools who argue with me that Ngozi didn’t come from a rich family and looted Nigeria? Wake up! I know everyone. She’s from a filthy rich family who worked their ass off. #RIPGrandpaOkonjo💔