Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dele Momodu Blasts Buhari, Calls Him ‘Weak And Impotent’

Respected media mogul, Dele Momodu, has taken a sharp swipe at the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. In an article on Saturday titled, ‘The reasons Nigeria must wake up fast’, the publisher insists that the country needs a new orientation.

“We need leaders who know their onions. We need modern leaders. What belongs to antiquity must be left where it belongs. Those who want this system to continue, understand the game well.”

“They are in control when the leader is weak and cannot perform. It is not about loving the old man. They just want to govern from behind. They are the faceless and unseen cabal.”

“2019 cannot come and go as business as usual. It won’t be funny.”

“Are we so jinxed that we keep repeating the same mistakes? Why can’t we stand up to our leaders and demand excellent performance? Why can’t we see that the world is leaving us behind and adjust quickly?”

“Truth must be told, as imperfect as our politicians look, they are the ones we must manage, and manage well.”

“We cannot afford to waste another four years worshipping the gods who cannot liberate us from poverty, hunger, diseases, wars, backwardness, and general retrogression”

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