Wednesday, December 1, 2021

EMMANUELLA SOURCE OF INCOME: Mark Angel Was Very Fidgety Answering Questions

Recently, Mark Angel, the lead in the comedy team that features child comedienne Emmanuella, made a post about a house thst the child actor built for her mother. A post that never knew would put him in some hot water.

From what can be gathered, Mark seems to be having it tough especially when it comes to some hard questions Kemi Olunloyo posed to them.

Mark confirmed that Emmanuella’s manager placed a frantic phone call across to him wanting to know how to answer the hard questions pouring in. Especially those from the investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

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Kemi made it clear that she only asked the questions for TRANSPARENCY and DISCLOSURE purposes and also to help inspire other young people.

From the way they are handling the whole thing do u think they have something to hide? In an interview with Punch, a visibly fidgeting Mark tried to answer some of the questions.

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But do you think his answers were enough? Kemi Olunloyo has also done well to post what she has tagged the summary of the with Punch of Mark Angel. Some points she raised how need to be addressed and quick. Take a listen and also watch the video.

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