Sunday, June 9, 2024

Ethiopia Cancels Visa On Arrival For Nigerians

Ethiopia has cancelled its policy of granting Nigerians visas on arrival in the country.

In contrast to the past, when Nigerians were granted a visa on arrival, Ethiopia directed Nigerians in a memo seen by Peoples Gazette on Wednesday to secure their visas at its embassies in Abuja before heading to the East African nation.

The Ethiopian government failed to explain the revocation when it announced the development. Instead, it announced that Nigerians who had layovers in the country were exempt from the new visa policy.

“Please be informed that effective immediate that no more visa on arrival for Nigerian citizens. Passengers are to obtain their visa at the Ethiopian Embassy in Abuja before travelling. Please note that: passengers transiting overnight in Addis Ababa are not affected by the ban,” the memo stated.

The development came a few months after the UAE changed its visa policy for Nigerians and other African nations.

Dubai discontinued issuing tourist visas to Nigerians under the age of 40 in August.

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