a group of women at a podium

A retired Commissioner of Police, Diseye Nsirim-Poweigha, on Friday, obtained the Expression of Interest and Nomination forms of the All Progressives Congress for the August 29 Bayelsa primary.

She became the first female governorship aspirant in the November 16 governorship race in Bayelsa State.

Nsirim-Poweigha who served as Commissioner of Police in Niger State advocated adequate funding of the nation’s security.

“Government need to put more money into the security apparatus of the state. Security is not only government business, but it is also everyone’s business. Whether state or federal police, what is needed is adequate funding,” she said.

Nsirim-Poweigha lamented poor communication system among security agencies in Bayelsa with their colleagues in other parts of the country.

She also lamented that the entire Bayelsa State had only two major roads, adding that available natural resources in the state had been left untapped.

She said, “Our youths have now become kidnappers because they don’t have work to do since the government in place has not provided any for them. Bayelsa has a lot of mineral resources which has been left untapped. it does not have a good housing system. Everybody is struggling to get houses for themselves.

“Give us a chance to make the difference in Bayelsa. A situation of saying women cannot rule Nigeria should not be allowed to continue because we have seen women serving as great leaders in other parts of the world. The communication system in Bayelsa State has completely broken down. You cannot communicate with somebody in other parts of the state.

“When we come to power, we will work with the security agencies to address the security situation in the state because, without security, there will be no investment or industries in the state. It is a shame that with all its resources, there are no industries in the state.

“It is not what you have in terms of political experience that matters or that will bring you to power. Some of these people have without their political experience have not been able to address the problems in the state.”