EXCLUSIVE: Kemi Olunloyo To Change Her Name… Ibadan Robbery Was Planned!

EXCLUSIVE: Kemi Olunloyo To Change Her Name... Ibadan Robbery Was Planned!

Kemi Olunloyo, retired Nigerian journalist has taken to her Facebook page to denounce the Olunloyo family name and also pledged to change her name,

She has severally said how far she wants to stay away from the family name and affairs and pleaded with the public not drag her back to her pain.

Read her Facebook post below:



Anyone that discusses my father’s health on this page needs to go to Ibadan to help him. I no longer have a family anywhere. I did videos and told my story. My children are the only family I know. This is 2020. I’m living my life new. Pls worry about your own family. God rescued me from them. My brother Shola left Jan 1st 1985 and never returned. He warned me, I never listened. Google him. They tried to sacrifice him, they missed. Oyeleke went instead. The last I checked my father has two wives and TEN children and two government pensions, civil service and University of Ibadan. My Journalism, Public relations and half of my Pharmacy Education was funded by me. He has already told you that on tape that I sent myself to AMERICA. Know the facts. Don’t assume someone sent me to the USA.

A selfish man who did nothing for me after luring me telling me to leave America and work in the Obasanjo administration and even Canada to drop my deportation appeal for antagonizing gun laws fighting for entire communities. Sullivan and Trudeau parliamentary members who were fighting Harper for me were surprised when I dumped the appeal. He promised me opportunities and I came home twice to nothing. My dad said he never said such. I have both conversations recorded especially the Ajimobi one who will give me a job as a Commissioner in Health, technology, information, women’s affairs etc ALL LIES. Instead he got Folake into the reps, Funke as Special Adviser and used my intelligence for power. I LOST EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR. Jobs, Cars, Homes and my livelihood.

You have watched my videos on how they all betrayed me. How my sister Funke Olunloyo a former special adviser stole my father’s letterhead collaborating with Mrs Funlayo Olunloyo a former first lady to write Premium Times that he disowned me. Something that cost me opportunities in Nigeria as everyone thought I was a mental patient who was disowned. That was exactly what jealous Funke wanted to portray and still used against me till today by the public who don’t like my truthful opinions. You’ve read my siblings and family’s What’sapp group happy I was in prison screenshot to me by my son who was helping recharge my mom’s phone. All the videos are on this page and YouTube. I will be doing a docuseries on my life on YouTube. The real shock is coming. This is not a matter of forgiveness. You cannot keep going back to what God rescued you from.

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The violent robbery that happened in my house according to a SARS investigator who I won’t name in the case was all planned by my sister Funke, her mother Funlayo Olunloyo and was a feud between my parents fighting for the Ikolaba house which include chasing Kemi and her son out. Funke conveniently travelled the night of the robbery. Why did my dad call me the night of the robbery to tell me to lock away my gadgets and also asked where my son records his music. The robbers CLEARED ALL HIS EQUIPMENT. The SARS investigator told me my dad actually got a tip that Funke and the former First Lady were sending armed thugs to attack the house so I can flee. I fled and never coming to Ibadan when I’m in Nigeria. The pain this has caused me is too much. I have moved on. Pls keep me out of that past.

For those of you who understand BETRAYAL. There will be more in my Docuseries. #ThePainisTooMuch Kemi Olunloyo

Thank you. Let me live.
Dr Kemi Olunloyo

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