Sunday, January 23, 2022

Father Locks Up His Son For 20 Years For Having Epilepsy

A 23-year-old boy identified as Basty Abass, has lived 20 years of his life in isolation in Nkwanta south of Oti region, Ghana, as his father reportedly locked him up for having epilepsy.

Abass, whose only source of seeing light is through his window, passes urine, defecates, eats and sleeps in a room locked and heavily secured with a padlock so that he would not get the opportunity to walk out.

The boy’s father, Mallam Abass Abdulai, who told MyJoyOnline why he decided to isolate the boy from the rest of the family, said he is epileptic, unable to independently think for himself and also understand what he is told or take care of himself.

Mallam Abass Abdulai revealed that his son defecates anywhere and his best option was to lock him up for 20 years of his life in a secluded room. He also disclosed that the boy’s mother abandoned him when he was just 18 months old and had not returned since. He was raised by his grandmother who has passed on.

It was further learnt that the young man is unable to communicate his needs due to the rejection he suffered in the past 23 years. According to some neighbours, food and water are not consistent so he often cries out for help when he feels hungry and thirsty. He reportedly depends on some caring strangers and passers-by to get him water.

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