Sunday, January 23, 2022

Featuring Bobrisky In Movies Is Celebrating Mediocrity– Fidelis Duker

Days after filmmaker and organiser of the Abuja International Film Festival, Fidelis Duker called for the arrest of Bobrisky, he has also lashed out at those featuring the cross-dresser in movies which he linked to celebrating mediocrity.

Duker alleged that those who featured Bobrisky in movies are only exploiting his popularity on social media and not because he is a fantastic actor. Wondering why a man would dress like a woman, the filmmaker stated that it is not the kind of things he will want his children to learn.

“We should not glamourize such things. We have children who are growing. As a father, these are not the kinds of things I want my children to learn. It is alien to our culture. I don’t see any reason why a man would dress like a woman. Some people defend him and say he is only ‘acting’, but as for me, it’s not appropriate.

“For those who have featured him (Bobrisky) in their movies, they are only exploiting his popularity, especially on social media. They are not using him because he is a fantastic actor. It’s not good enough that we celebrate mediocrity. There are a lot of cases of rape and other vices now, and it is because of things like this. We need to understand that our moral values are very important to us. I expect that the movie industry should be a platform where morals, values and ethics should be the focal points. Unfortunately, what you find in most of the films is that they celebrate immorality” he told Sunday Scoop.

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