Saturday, January 22, 2022

FEMINISM Is ANTI CHRIST And Of Devilish Origin – Reno Omokri

This comment is not unrelated to the trending comments of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on the place of a woman in the house…family…their equality to men.

As seen on Reno’s social media account:

If you read The Bible, you observe that God made women to be more SPECIAL than men. More REFINED than men. To have more QUALITY than men. To be given PREFERENTIAL treatment over men. To be TREASURED over men. But NOT, and I repeat, NEVER to be EQUAL to men. It is often mistakenly believed that Jesus had 12 disciples. Not true. He had about 600. Many of the most devout disciples were WOMEN. But He chose 12 MEN out of them to be APOSTLES. Jesus was NOT a FEMINIST. FEMINISM is ANTI CHRIST and of devilish origin. Yes, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is WEAPONISING The Bible by saying women are NOT EQUAL to men. Ephesians 6:11 describes The Bible as a WEAPON. It is an ANTI CHRIST spirit that is against The WEAPONISATION of The Bible. To do so is to DEMONISE The Bible. ‪#FeminismIsUnbiblical‬

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