Fidelity Bank And Guaranty Trust Bank, The Yahoo-Yahoo Friendly Banks In Nigeria And The Silence Of CBN

Nine out of ten bank-related frauds in Nigeria has a relationship with Fidelity Bank or Guaranty Trust Bank. If you are a fraudster these are your go-to banks.

This serves as a warning for those doing transactions, your real huge transactions should not go through Fidelity or GT Banks.

To open an account in these banks are really difficult but the open their flood gates for these fraudsters who coming in bribing their way and also on their jolly ride since these yahoo, fraud, and scam accounts are the ones that really bring in the numbers and ratings.

This is the same reason they strategically place poor customer service staff at strategic places. Those that really do not know what the banking issue is about, then keep a familiar fraud-staff to supervise. I kid you not!

I was once almost kidnapped in 2019 by a group of cultists around Akasan area of Ojo, Lagos. They gave me their account number (Guaranty Trust) to transfer to them my bank balance. They were made when I lied I do not remember my pin. GTB staff turned their backs on me!

A friend was duped and the account was a Guaranty Trust. There is really nothing of fidelity or trustworthy about them. To their many victims, they are just a group of fraudsters with a licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Once these transactions get old they tell u they can’t do anything again. That is the story of my colleague’s N25,000 in Fidelity.

As a matter of warning if you are into sincere business and don’t want heartaches I strongly advice that you stay away from these banks.

So a relative of mine wanted to transfer money to his counterpart in Another sick Nigerian bank, Access Bank, and while he was inputting the account number the app shut down, it showed TIMED OUT. After a while, my brother initiated the transaction again. He was later to realise that both transactions went through so the bank says but the recipient sends a statement to show he received only one payment. The Fidelity scammers say they have nothing to do! Shame right? The was over N250,000

A colleague got debited of N25,000 and the so-called fidelity bank said they can’t trace it. How do u define yahoo yahoo?

These banks must stop this pattern only when the Central bank Stands up to them which begs the question does the apex bank of Nigeria have a part in the scamming pattern?

By Donald Eke