Thursday, December 7, 2023

First Civilian Gov. Of Adamawa State, Saleh Michika In Coma

Abubakar Saleh Michika, who was the first civilian governor of Adamawa State, has been in coma for several days at the Federal Medical Centre, Yola.

His son, Hafiz Saleh says Michika had been complaining to the state authorities that he needed to go for a medical check-up but he was refused.

During a chat with Vanguard, he said the state government had also refused to pay his pension.

Hafiz said Governor Bindo Jibril visited his father today, promising to do something but stated that time was running out on the former governor if he must live.

His father, he claimed, had been lamenting to the authorities of the state for over two months now that he needed to travel abroad for medical check-up, but they did not oblige him, wondering why is it now that he is in a coma they want to move him.

“The doctors say he cannot be moved until he is stable. For three days now, he has been in coma and there is nothing we can do but to pray; if they had allowed him to seek medical check-up, this would not have happened. Do you know that my father has only one car? They even denied him of pension as the first executive governor of Adamawa State. I have lost hope” the son lamented

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