Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Forest Whitaker’s Wife Wants Spousal Support In Divorce

Read the TMZ report below:

Forest Whitaker’s wife just filed her response to his divorce petition and although it seems on the surface there may be issues between the two, our sources say the divorce is super amicable.

Keisha Nash, through her lawyer disso queen Laura Wasser, is asking for spousal support once their 22 year marriage is dissolved. In Forest’s legal docs he asked the judge to deny Keisha spousal support.

The spousal support thing seems like it could blow up, but our sources say not the case. We’re told both sides want to work out a formal property settlement agreement that will satisfy them. There’s a lot to divide … he’s an incredibly successful actor and we’ve learned they did not have a prenup.

There are no minor children so child support is a non-issue.

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