Former president and son

Abdallah Morsi, the youngest son of late former President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, died of a heart attack on Wednesday night in Cairo, the country’s capital.

The 25-year-old suffered a fatal cardiac arrest while driving as confirmed by his lawyer, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud.

“A friend who was with him was able to stop the car and take him to a hospital”, Abdel told AFP, adding that Abdallah Morsi’s funeral was set to take place on Thursday.

Though Egypt’s health ministry is yet to comment on his death, a family source, however, told Anadolu Agency that Abdallah died at Oasis hospital in Giza in the southwest of the capital city where he was rushed to.

The father of the deceased was Egypt’s first democratically elected president, his administration was known to be loyal to the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood. He was deposed by the military in 2013 and died in court on June 17, 2019.