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Former Inspector General Of Police, Idris, Mentally Ill, Kemi Olunloyo Calls It Karma

Retirement life has not been very fair to Nigeria’s former inspector general of Police,  Ibrahim Kpotun Idris. Reports coming in say he among other ailments mentally challenged as his newest wife is robbing him of all his properties. 
We gather that his retirement woes and troubles stem from the newest wife who is poised and taking everything he has worked for as a police officer.
Recounting her troubles when she was arrested and taken to Port Harcourt, Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has attributed the calamities befalling the former IG as the fruits of his labour.
She said the former police boss denied her every shred of justice.
Read her account below.
This is Ibrahim Kpotun Idris the former Inspector General of Police
of Nigeria who orchestrated the Ibiyeomie case petition from Salvation Ministries. Today he has FALLEN because of the evils he did to me and others. Idris did not ensure a good investigation, instead he instructed bribe seeking , intimidating non professional cops at FSARS to destroy my life. Today he suffers a mental breakdown from what his wife did to him. He married a police woman who destroyed his life. Within two years, the former police inspector-general from being amongst Nigeria’s most powerful to freeloading in the palace of emir of Bida. Mr. Idris’ family accused Asta, a retired police helicopter pilot he married in 2017, of taking over the assets he had laboured to acquire all his life; while also ruining his life by subjecting him to physical and psychological ordeal.
They triggered a judicial process to get Mr. Idris out of the relationship wanted to ensure that his assets are not entirely depleted before the final court resolution on the marriage. Mr. Idris’ family said he never enjoyed his marriage to Asta, and sought regularly to punish the former police chief with physical and mental assault. “Every time she would lock him inside a room,” a family source said. “After many hours and noises from our brother, she would then feed him yam and palm oil to calm him down.”
The family sources said Mrs. Idris’ treatment of her husband left him “physically and mentally” ill for too long. The Emir of Bida asked the family to bring him back to the village and he started giving him feeding allowances. Mrs. Idris was also accused of changing titles of assets acquired by her husband and they had to use the police to recover some cars from her. When they took the former IG back to the village, they took him to elders for traditional healing a source said. The new wife cleaned him out of everything — mentally, physically and financially. His family REMOVED him from the wife. Force HQ associates have been working to see how they could help improve his life. His tenure as IGP March 2016-January 2019 was a dark one. Idris ordered my triple arrest. KARMA.
everyone in the Ibiyeomie case died or suffered except the innocent victims: Myself, Iyabo and Papa Ibiyeomie.

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