Former Southampton and Portsmouth midfielder, Jhon Viafara, has been arrested in Colombia on a US drug warrant.

The 40-year-old Colombian midfielder Viafara was reportedly arrested along with four other people near the southern city of Cali after being involved in a car accident.

Police said he was speeding while driving intoxicated.

Colombian media claim authorities began to monitor Viafara in 2017 after being tipped off about his alleged involvement in ‘sending almost four tonnes of cocaine to the United States.’

According to the report, the former footballer is suspected of being a member of a local drug cartel and, after gathering sufficient evidence, a US court issued an extradition request for him and four accomplices.

The Sun claim they are ‘wanted for drug trafficking between 2008 and 2018’ by the State of Texas District Court.

Jhon Viafara, played for several Colombian clubs and the national team, including Portsmouth, Southampton, and Spain’s Real Sociedad, before retiring from football in 2015.