Thursday, October 6, 2022

Former U.S Judge Dragged Out Of Courtroom After Being Sentenced

A former Ohio judge who was sentenced to six months behind bars after being convicted of a felony related to her brother landing a court job was dragged from a courtroom on Monday as she protested her sentence.

The 52-year-old former judge, Tracie Hunter, went limp after she heard her sentenced and was dragged backwards out of the courtroom.

a female being dragged out of a court room by police men

Hunter had earlier been convicted of a felony count of unlawful interest in a public contract in 2014 and given the six-month sentence. The case was linked to an incident in which the Associated Press reports Hunter shared a confidential document with her brother who faced a disciplinary hearing in his government job. Her attorney maintains she did nothing illegal, yet she was convicted and her appeals denied.

The sentence was delayed to allow for Hunter’s appeal, but she ended up losing, which prompted Monday’s hearing.

Supporters wearing t-shirts bearing the ex-judge’s name screamed out after the sentence was handed down. When deputies approached Hunter to remove her from the courtroom, she went limp and was dragged out of court.

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