Wednesday, May 25, 2022

French First Lady Says She Is Fed Up, Macron Is Too Arrogant

Mrs Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President, Emmanuel Macron, has said he is too arrogant. She also said she is fed up of his high-handed manner.

The 65-year-old first lady, who was the teacher of president Emmanuel Macron, 40, before they got married years later, has urged his inner circle to tell him the truth because she feels like she is the only person who risks telling him when he is being high-handed, reports Le Parisien newspaper.

She reportedly confided in members of her entourage that President Macron is “too arrogant, too snappy”, and nobody dares tell him otherwise.

This comes as a new book revealed Mrs Macron has allegedly vowed to take vengeance on the person who started rumours that her husband was secretly in a gay relationship.

Her remarks appear in a new unauthorised biography of Michèle “Mimi” Marchand, an adviser to the Macron family.


photo Credit; Buzz Nigeria

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