Ali Bongo

Gabon’s President Ali Bongo has not been admitted to hospital in London, but is on a private visit to the UK capital where he will undergo routine medical checks, a statement from the presidency says.

The 60-year-old is recovering from a stroke that he had while on a trip to Saudi Arabia last October.

“At no time has the president’s health deteriorated. On the contrary…he is on his way to the full recovery of his physical abilities,” said the statement issued after a Bloomberg news agency report quoted sources saying he was unwell and in a London hospital.

“The president is not hospitalised… but is in his private residence in London, where he took a few days off with his family,” the statement added.

Last week, Lee White, Gabon’s newly appointed environment minister, dismissed concerns about Mr Bongo’s health.

He told BBC HardTalk that the president was recovering well.

“He’s weakened by his stroke. He’s walking like an old man.

“He’s totally fluent and with it in French, but his English has suffered slightly.

“He’s definitely in charge. He is fit to govern.”

Source: BBC