Ghana Replies Nigeria, Counters Accusations (Read Full Statement)

Ghana Replies Nigeria (Read Full Statement) Counters Accusations

Ghana’s minister of information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has sent a six-page response to Nigeria, over accusations of hostilities to Nigeria and harassment of Nigerians.

Last Friday, Nigeria reeled out a litany of hostilities and harassments committed by Ghana against Nigerian interests and Nigerians and declared it will no longer tolerate future unfriendly acts.

In a statement by Information minister, Lai Mohammed, the Nigerian government announced it is urgently considering ” a number of options at ameliorating the situation”.

Ghana has now responded to all issues raised by Nigeria, acknowledging they have the potential to sour relations between the two countries.

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Nkrumah outrightly denied most of the allegations, saying they did not reflect the true state of affairs.

And responding to Nigeria’s subtle threat to take counteractions, Nkrumah said: Any protests, decisions, or actions based on Lai’s statement “will thus be unjustified”.

Read Ghana’s response:

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