Friday, December 3, 2021

‘Good-Bye Kemi Olunloyo’, As She Downs Working Tools

The journalist and PR specialist has made it very clear that she will be leaving all works she is popular for one year. She said she will be leaving the work field to attend to her health.

Kemi Olunloyo said she will be leaving as her health is no more what it used to be and that the medical leave will last for one year.

Read her post below;

BREAKING Thank you Nigeria🇳🇬 It’s time for me to GO! The truth is that I cannot continue because my health has degenerated and broken down. I decided to go on a medical leave for a year and return by 2023 to cover the elections but all that changed. I worked hard, gave you content free even without a standard operating budget after losing HNNAfrica, many of you did not appreciate me, many spoiled my name, many called me names, I lost many opportunities but never stopped updating you. It became toxic and killed my mental health. Today I’m announcing that I have to rest now. I am Mentally and Physically WEAK. A foot surgery, a vulnerable immune system with Covid 19 out there and 50% #PTSD recovery, and said it over again, I have finally decided to LEAVE digital Journalism behind. As I leave tonight December 29th 2020, having practiced Journalism 26yrs and as NIGERIA’S first blogger 1999 Google Pyra, I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved in my career. 32 years as a Clinical Pharmacist and 24 years as a certified Public Relations Specialist and expert. I was working at home as a Digital Journalist with a newborn🍼 baby @richkjtmusic now 20yo. Now he’s taking care of me at home. Pray for us. Don’t forget us, follow his music, his Instagram blog @brysonsintern. He goes to school daily in America via Zoom. Stay in touch with me in my Instagram DM which is now open to say hello and keep in touch. I will answer as many messages as I can but I’m no longer working on my DIGITAL JOURNALISM platforms due to my health so pls no assignment requests. I will blog my progress Saturdays on Instagram and Facebook Story or Twitter Fleets. For news go to a reputable mainstream media platform. I will leave the page open for 3 mos. Check archives with Hashtags. #ijcovid19 #kemitalkscelebrities #ijlekkimassacre #kemitalksfood #Kemitalkshealth etc etc.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria🙏🏾🇳🇬 Happy New Year 2021
You can ask me any questions at this time. I will try answering everybody.
Goodbye #DrKemiOlunloyo #Keminications Media @Kemitalks

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