Gov Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Marriage On The Rocks As He Is Set To Marry A Commissioner

The report we have come to find has it that the dollar spending governor of Kwara, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, is not having it all well in his marriage and he is about to make a major move.

The report says that the first lady of the state who is a diplomat would rather rub wings with the Osinbajo family and leave her husband in Kwara at the mercy of the commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy Affairs and Community Development, Aisha Ahman Pategi.

We have yet to get more details on this but read the report by a popular reporting blog on Instagram below:

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq marriage is on fire as Aisha Ahman Pategi the commissioner for local Government, Chieftaincy Affairs and Community Development Is his main squeeze and he is getting ready to marry her,The First Lady is a very busy person, She has been relegated and its aisha the people of kwara love.

She is very beautiful and from a very wealthy and influential family. She supported him during his campaign and fight to be governor while firstlady who is a diploma with the ministry of foreign affairs and UK embassy was busy chopping life rocking luxurious designers with one of her besties Nana who has also suffered a broken marriage because she moved out of her home and relocate to London since last year and she and the husband are just Co parenting,Madam firstlady is hardly in ilorin. Always in abuja hanging around the Osinbajos as they all live in the presidential villa.

She spends millions on kiki Osinbajo’s glamd africa from time to time just to draw herself closer to the VP and his wife., While her husband frolicks around with different girls and women. He is a very generous man and heavy spender. He is nicknamed baba dollar amongst women as he mostly gives out dollars.

He is a very randy man o. 1st lady is rumored to be hypertensive and transfers aggression at will cos of her husband’s randy nature, He loves Aisha more than his wife. Infact she attends public functions with him as well as represents him at events, She is also a generous person like him which has made kwarans fall in love so much with her.

She has done more projects and empowerment than firstlady. So governor also needs her on his side for his 2nd term bid so they’re planning a coded nikkah wedding so the press won’t know but you dont get the exclusive, Do you know it is her organisations and societies pay courtesy visits too? Anybody seeking the governor’s ears goes through her.

Our 5m giveaway real estate ex-actress is on his list of bedwarmers and a regular recipient of his largesse. Infact she has been screwing him from his oil and gas days