Monday, August 8, 2022

Governor Uzodimma Fails To Name ‘Sponsors Of Imo Insecurity’

The Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma on Tuesday failed to mention the names of sponsors of insecurity in Imo state, as he earlier promised to release the names on the 4th of January, 2022.

Vanguard monitored the governor’s speech at the government house in Owerri, during the Imo state stakeholders meeting/luncheon

He further said he would allow the security agencies to finish up their investigation on the sponsors of insecurity.

“The difference between former Governor Okorocha and others who have ruled this state was that he wants to be the governor when he is out of office. Okorocha is the only governor that wants to take this state alone for himself. He should allow me to rule this state as the governor, I am his elder brother and I deserve some respect from him. We cannot allow one person to hold this state hostage.”

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