Friday, January 28, 2022

Happy #Birthday Sophia Ucheora Sucre Of Nollywood

I just could not help but let my blog readers know how much this lady means to me and the Nollywood industry. See below my post on Facebook and more beautiful pictures of this damsel…

Dear¬†Sophia Ucheora Sucre¬†, the first day I met you, you created a lasting impression on me. When an actor wanted to disrespect me you totally took the issue up and shut him down and protected my rights on the set of that movie (I know u have forgotten, I can’t). That was the moment I took notice of your selflessness, sister-nature, mother-traits, and love. I love you…
The amazing thing about you is that all these flows from within without u even knowing or controlling…that’s unique. You extend love to all and sundry…you stand by the truth without minding whose ox is gored…I love you.
My wish for you is that God in his loving might searches your heart and gives answers to your most pressing needs. And all your lost years be restored.
I dedicate this Sunday to you sis…may you smile exceedingly.

From one of the beneficiaries of God’s grace on your life… Happy birthday, darling…

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