Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Heart Breaking Videos Purportedly Showing African Slaves Being Tortured In Libya

I had to fight back the tears while watching these. These are some very disturbing videos shared online showing black men being tortured and according to yet to be unverified reports, the men are African slaves in Libya.

The videos allegedly surfaced on a website in the Middle East and they were reportedly posted by the Libyan slave masters, though this has not been verified. The video is going viral with a lot of outraged people calling for the United Nations to get involved.

One of the videos shows a naked black man writhing in pain as a masked man burns his back with liquid fire. Another shows four men getting whipped on their bare backs. The back of one of the men was terribly torn from the lashing.

So far, the government of various African nations have got involved in getting their citizens back home but there are still lots of people being held captive in Libya.

*The question I dare as is can’t these people be uncovered and brought to justice?

Watch the trending videos HERE and HERE.

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