Saturday, February 24, 2024

Here Is A Story Of A Physically Challenged Mum Of 3 Who Takes Her Kids To School Daily

Read what the Facebook user, Ukachukwu Igboamusi, posted of the physically challenged mother of three who makes it a duty to take her kids to school by herself: 

”I stood for about 10 minutes this morning watching this woman and her three kids at government house round about trying to board a taxi going to Owerri city school. One of the child hid at her back in this picture was trying to push her. The one that hid at her back and the one wearing blue are twin. Its wasn’t easy for her to get a taxi due to her conditions. The taxi drivers may feel that it would be waste of time going to help her in, take her wheelchair into the booth before continuing their journey. To me, it would be a very big stress for this woman considering the age of her little children, taking them to school everyday and bring them back. I feel that any help rendered to this woman in taking her children to school everyday would be highly appreciated. No one had the intention of seeing his or herself in this situation but we can’t blame her. She need our help both from the government angle, cooperate bodies and individuals”.

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