Tuesday, August 9, 2022

His Name Is School Boy, The Man That Dehumanised A Lady In Libya. Full Story (Video, Photo, Viewers Discretion)

The video of a lady being brutally dehumanized by some men in Libya has since gone viral and a lot of people have hit social media calling for justice for the lady.

Reporterswall gathered that the brutal flogging took place in Libya last year, November 2020. Apparently, she was trafficked to the country for the purpose of prostitution. It should be clear that the person she called ‘daddy’ is the School Boy, an indigene of Anambra State, Nigeria. He is married and reportedly has kids in Libya.

It was the lady’s birthday and she had gone to spend time with her boyfriend where she spent two days and returned without money, that would have peacefully accounted for her absenteeism. She was stripped and flogged. They gagged her and poured water on her. At some point they asked her to turn face up and they started flogging her private part.

No human should pass through such.

School boy’s wife has been reportedly arrested. We also gathered that this jobless person has a lot of deaths on his hands of girls he trafficked to the country for prostitution. He kills and buried those that wont do his bidding.

If you know anything about this kindly report to the authorities as this person can not be let to go free, he is a devil roaming.

Watch the video below, remember its viewers discretion:

Source: Reporterswall

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