How Actress Destiny Etiko’s Latest Ride Landed Her In ‘Trouble’

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, also known as Drama Doll, is a magnet for trolls.

In the last few days, the actress has had a tough time explaining to her Instagram followers how her newest acquisition, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, came to be.

The actress had taken to her Instagram page a few days ago to show off videos and photos of her latest purchase to her fans and followers and thanked God for helping her add “an extra baby” to her garage.

She has also come under intense scrutiny on social media and has been in the news for days after posting a video of her new car.

Barely a day after the actress broke the news of her new car, a popular Instagram gossip blog claimed that she got it from a prominent Nigerian businessman.

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Etiko, who is famous for starring in Nollywood movies shot in Asaba, was alleged to have gotten her car gift from a Nigerian businessman Tein Jack-Rich, a claim she has repeatedly denied.


The blogger went on to share another old post of the actress where she wore a bracelet that she claimed to had gotten from “someone special,” alongside an older post of the businessman wearing the same bead bracelet.

Shortly after the blogger’s allegation went viral on social media, the voluptuous actress swore vehemently that she has had nothing to do with the married businessman. She has also continued to insist that she did not receive a car gift from Mr Jack-Rich, neither has she ever met.