Wednesday, December 1, 2021

‘How church founders turn pastors to robbers with poor pay’

Presiding Bishop, Answers’ Assembly, Warri, Irabor Wisdom has narrated how some church founders turn their subordinate pastors and church accountants to robbers with poor pay.

Irabor said “there is an evil I see in ministry today where a Pastor with wife and kids is paid peanuts but the day he decides to leave the ministry to go and look for a secured future for his family, the ministry he left will spend millions to go and host programmes in that city in order to retain the members of the congregation he left from.”

He said those crusades organized to crucify a once loyal son costs millions yet the pastor was paid peanuts.

“Even the new pastor you are introducing to the Church as a better replacement shares the same views with the one who left but he can’t tell you because only few fathers understand the difference between loyalty to leadership and sincerity to leadership.

“You keep saying there is no money to support any branch Church, but the day a branch pastor leaves, you suddenly have all the millions to fight him. Repent sir, there is a difference between mafiarism and evangelism.

“Some of us are mafias not ministers. Pay them well and they will perform well. How can you pay a full time pastor N50,000 to manage a church with a monthly income of over N5 million? It won’t. You now send an accountant with a salary of N30,000 to monitor him.

“This is how we unknowingly make pastors and accountants become partners in crime.
They will both form an evil partnership against the ministry. No ministry can survive that evil combination,” he said.

According to Iraboh, a pastor with an accountant not well paid “yet they see millions weekly through the branch they manage will only produce robbers in the house of God.
No matter the policies you put in place to police a policeman, he will still find a way to collect from the system.”

He said if a Church is operating a medical centre, the pastor and his immediate family should be placed on a medical rebate.

“If the ministry is blessed to have their own school, let the pastor’s kids be on full scholarship. Never forget the wisdom of Dr Mike Murdock, give a man what he can’t find anywhere and you won’t find him anywhere. He will always be with you. A wise man also said ‘if you pay peanuts, all you will have as staff are monkeys,” he said.

Irabor added: “What is a Church that can’t pay full time pastors very well be doing with an Accountant? Pay your full time pastors very well and you won’t need an Accountant.

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And if you know you are not capable of keeping a full time pastor, don’t employ one. Because all your problem will come from those groups of people.

“Some full time pastors are full time parasites. They give nothing to the system but take everything from the system.

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