How Hushpuppi's Instagram Posts Prompted His Arrest (Video)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, has explained how Huspuppi’s Instagram posts prompted a secret investigation that led to his arrest.

His showy Instagram posts raised suspicion and caused the FBI to set their sights on him.

In one of such posts, Hushpuppi wrote: “Started out my day having sushi down at Nobu in Monte Carlo, Monaco, then decided to book a helicopter to have facials at the Christian Dior spa in Paris, then ended my day having Champagne in Gucci.”

He shared the post with the hashtag #AllMine.

The FBI also said he shared a post where he was standing with a number of Bentleys, Mercedes, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces. 

The FBI added that “with some very key information, he had his email and phone number saved to his Instagram and when our boys here at the Bureau did a little digging, we were able to link the financial transactions and transfers known to be associated with co-conspirators.”

Another post was a picture of his birthday cake with a cake image of Hushpuppi and a Fendi logo on top.

The FBI adds that through that post, “investigators were able to verify his date of birth from a previous US visa application.”

“We had all we needed,” the FBI adds, so they took action.

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas was arrested in Dubai on July 2 and was then sent to the FBI in the United States of America.

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He is now being held at the Metropolitan Correction Centre in Chicago.

The FBI added that after his arrest, his assets were seized. Almost $41 million in cash was seized from him at the time of his arrest. He was also in possession of luxurious vehicles worth $6.8 million which were all confiscated by the FBI.

The FBI stated that the nature of the crime committed was nothing new, however, the magnitude was overwhelming.

Watch the video HERE.