Friday, March 31, 2023

How Shan George Finally Settled for Mc Oluomo

Nollywood veteran actress, Shan George, made headlines recently when she implied that she would like to be romantically involved with popular Lagos transportation official, Mc Oluomo.

An Instagram user, xoxoscorner2 has taken time to outline how the actress finally came to settle for Oluomo.

Read below;

Shan George, a slightly better version of cossy orjiakor.

She was married off in her Teens…

After her first marriage ended, she became Mrs Nwosisi then she metamorphosed into Mrs. Momoh Osigwe(a boy younger than her last born) and later to Mrs. Jaiyeola(he left his 19yrs old wife for shan.. he is also younger than Shane’s last born) and before one could start to register the latter to her name she switched over to her maiden name again, Miss. George.

Shan is biracial but her skin look more like an over bleached Ib@dan woman and the tattoos just made it worse…. probably why she looks so sleazy.

If you follwed her career when she had one. Mrs Jaiyeola narrated how she asked Shan to deliver a parcel to her husband in London, three months later, Shan married the woman’s husband Mr Jaiyeola…

The 19yr old woman cried herself hoarse begging Shan to untie her husband where she tied him…

Shan was adamant!

Shan and the man said they were in love. That love lasted 2 years, and the 24yr old man quietly went back to his family..

The one that dragged and disgraced her then was a 17yr old old called Momoh.. it was so messy that Shan recoiled and that was the last anyone heard anything about her affairs.

Okey bakassi broke her heart too… Okey promised her marriage, only to chop her dry and dump her for his now Canadian wife…

Now, the 61yr old is on to Mc oluomo that can hump anything (abeg o)

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