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‘I Had Enough Of Getting Punched’ -Britain’s Worst Boxer Retires After Winning Only 2 Of His 53 Fights In 12 Years (Photos)

‘Britain’s worst boxer, Robin Deakin has finally brought an end to his troubling career after winning just two of 53 fights during his 12-year professional career.

The 31-year-old lightweight boxer, who made his debut in 2006, won his first fight and then lost a whopping 50 fights in a row before eventually picking up his second win in 2015.

His decision comes after he lost one more fight, bringing his total to two wins in 53.

He said: “I’m announcing my retirement after not being successful and losing brain cells. I can’t take no more.

“I have boxed the best in Britain and boxed world title challengers and a world champ in a 55-fight career, that ain’t been the best. I’m proud to say at least I did something people said I couldn’t.”

On his ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ title, he added: “Thanks to all the people that slated me and the ones that love me.”

“I’m deadly serious – it’s just not worth my time anymore. I have done more than most would ever do in boxing – I just wanted something back. I did it for money and didn’t get enough. I loved entertaining people but I need to earn a living.

“I love the sport and will always love it – I’m just not stepping in the ring again.”

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