Ibrahim Al-Asiri, The Maker Of Farouk Abdulmutallab's Bomb Killed, US Confirms To Kemi Olunloyo

This is coming after 10 years. Nigerian journalist who made headlines for her coverage of the teenage underwear bomber has taken to her social media handle to disclose further developments on the matter.

She also detailed how she dynamically covered the bombing.

Read below:


10 years ago @saharareporters exposed the identity of the Nigerian youth who tried to blow up a US plane. The airline went out of business, lost shares etc.

According to the White House last Thursday October 10th 2019, Ibrahim Al-Asiri built the explosive devices that 23-year-old Nigerian college student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tucked into his underwear while on a Detroit-bound airplane, hoping it would explode while over U.S. soil. The plot was foiled, and Abdulmutallab is now serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Colorado after pleading guilty to multiple terrorism charges. In a span of 48 hrs, I was able to use Investigative Journalism to uncover the University of London student was the Chairman of @firstbanknigeria’s son as training in Yemen then travelled to🛬 Nigeria to insert the bomb and then took KLM to Amsterdam🛫 where he was caught💣. His dad also told me he reported him to the @fbi which I told the world.

US authorities told me today that the bomb maker Ibrahim Al-Asiri was killed in a counter terrorism operation. SWIPE👉to see the videos of my @foxnews @cnn transcripts and other media appearances almost 10 years ago.

Meanwhile this #CNNAfrica Journalist @stephbusari who was 17yo in a UK secondary school when I started freelancing and contributing to the network from 1994-2014 said I was “rambling” giving Nigerians an impression that I was a liar asking about my work record live on TWITTER. I contacted @cnnpr to “skool” her, many Journalists at APC told me to ignore her (Atlanta Press Club) is the most prestigious press club in the world. It comes with the job whenever Nigerian women are involved.

The PHD syndrome (Pull Her Down) Busari obviously hasn’t heard about producers, online journalists, ireporters, freelancers. The only ppl that worked at CNN are on TV🙄 December 26th is the anniversary of Mutallab’s arrest. He is serving a LIFE sentence and vowed he would do it again if he had the chance. I covered every day of his trial in Detroit USA. I’m proud of my work even if nobody is. All videos are in full on YouTube by searching #mediakemi25