Impeachment: Donald Trump Suggests The US Could Enter A ‘Civil War’

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The United States President, Donald Trump has suggested in a flurry of tweets that his country could be plunged into a ‘civil war’ if the Democrats succeed with impeaching him.

Trump has been plunged into impeachment drama the last week, after a whistleblower from the intelligence community reported that in a call between him and Ukraine’s president Zelensky, Trump pressured the foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden (former US Vice president and top democratic presidential candidate) and his son’s involvement in the country’s corruption, leading Trump to release the transcript of his call with Zelensky claiming it was a ‘very friendly call’

House leader Nancy Pelosi launched impeachment proceedings against Trump on Wednesday claiming ‘Donald Trump suggests the US could enter a ‘civil war’ if House Democrats succeed with impeachment’ he abused presidential powers and was engaged in a ‘cover-up’.

The president approved the quote of Fox News contributor and pastor, Robert Jeffress, in his tweets, claiming the US could enter into a civil war if the House Democrats move ahead with impeachment, as impeachment is a slap on the electorate who put him in power, given that he didn’t commit any grand crimes or misdemeanors.

“If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like a fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,” Mr Jeffress said, in words quoted by Mr Trump in his tweets.

Donald Trump suggests the US could enter a

Donald Trump suggests the US could enter a

“Like every American, I deserve to meet my accuser, especially when this accuser, the so-called ‘Whistleblower,’ represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way,” Trump added.

He went further to suggest that chairman of the House Intelligence committee, Adam Schiff committed fraud and treason for twisting the words of his transcript in the call between Trump and Ukraine’s president Zelensky, also adding that he will like to meet the whistleblower.

Donald Trump suggests the US could enter a

Donald Trump suggests the US could enter a

“Then Schiff made up what I actually said by lying to Congress.“His lies were made in perhaps the most blatant and sinister manner ever seen in the great Chamber.”

The president continued: “He wrote down and read terrible things, then said it was from the mouth of the President of the United States. I want Schiff questioned at the highest level for Fraud & Treason.

“In addition, I want to meet not only my accuser, who presented SECOND & THIRD HAND INFORMATION, but also the person who illegally gave this information, which was largely incorrect, to the “Whistleblower.”

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