Sunday, July 14, 2024

In Order To “Blow,” Kunle Remi Shares An Executive’s Anal Sex Proposal

Actor Kunle Remi was the guest on the latest episode of ‘The Honest Bunch Poscast’, and didn’t hold anything back.

The Nollywood actor shared his experience as a novice in the entertainment industry and some of the unbelievable experiences that came with that.

Recounting to a time when he was still a student of the University of Ibadan, Remi revealed that one of his friends took him to an entertainment executive whom he assured would get him his lucky break.

On getting to the house of the unnamed man, he he began by telling the ‘Anikulapo’ star that he’s yet to blow because he hasn’t paid his dues; and the dues being having anal sex with him and some top shots.

Kunle revealed further that the man left the room and came back with a candle stick and a jar of oil, requested that he inserts this in his anus given he’s a ‘virgin’ and after the act, he would check.

He promised that once this is done, the actor would be driving a Mercedes-Benz within a month.

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