Jonathan’s Weakness Killed Igbo Presidency - Frank Kokori

Former secretary-general of the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), Frank Kokori, has accused ex-President Goodluck Jonathan of failing to create a path for the emergence of an Igbo president.

In an interview with Sunday Sun, Kokori said the Igbo believed in Jonathan but he failed them.

He called for the continuation of zoning the presidency between the north and south.

“The Igbo believed so much in President Goodluck Jonathan, but Jonathan was so weak that he could not influence anything for them. So, that is what killed them, if not the Igbo deserve to be president,” Kokori said.

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“In today’s Nigeria, if you cannot win the PDP or APC ticket, forget it because these are the only two-party through which the president can emerge. It will be difficult for an Igbo to win APC nomination because they are not APC, the Igbo just like the South-south, are PDP and if it is so they must fight to get the PDP ticket, afterall all their governors are PDP. For now, I only pray for the Igbo if they can get it, fine.”

Speaking on corruption, Kokori said Nigeria will be better if the judiciary and the Nigeria Police Force are rid of the social vice.

While lamenting the spate of  corruption in the country, Kokori said he is ashamed that God created him in Nigeria.

He added that gone are the days when the judiciary was the last hope of the common man, alleging that there is no more justice in Nigeria.

“Our judiciary? The judiciary is one of the problems we have in this country. elections are bought in this country and the judiciary is one of our problems and the police force,” Kokori said.

“If those two institutions are okay, Nigeria will just fly. There is so much corruption in the Nigerian judiciary and the police force and these are the two institutions that hold a country.

“When the police can’t protect you, when the judiciary can’t protect you unless you have money to buy judgment, to buy everything. It is sad that we no longer have a judiciary, one that you will be proud of.

“That judiciary that prides itself as the last hope of the masses is no longer there. All that ended with the Eshos, Udo Udomas, Oputas etc. The ones we have now are all billionaires. There is no justice in Nigeria again, forget what you hear and that is worrisome.”