For 7 years, Julian Assange, 47, hid in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London claiming asylum to avoid being arrested. But it has now been revealed that he was “discourteous” while he was a guest there and even smeared poo over the walls of the Embassy.

Ecuador’s Interior Minister made this claim after the Wikileaks founder was dragged out screaming of the Knightsbridge residence and arrested after his asylum status was withdrawn.

Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno accused Assange of “discourteous and aggressive behaviour” as he confirmed the South American country had withdrawn Assange’s asylum status.

After Assange’s arrest, Rafael Correa, who was Ecuador’s president when Assange was granted asylum, called Moreno a traitor. But the country’s Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo hit back by claiming Correa had allowed Assange to get away with some unimaginable behaviour.

She said: “During his stay at the Ecuadorian Embassy, during the government of the former president Rafael Correa, they tolerated things like Mr Assange putting faeces on the walls of the embassy and other types of behaviour of this kind that is far removed from the minimum respect a guest should have in a country which has generously welcomed him.”

Romo did not reveal if Assange used his own excreta or that of an animal to smear the wall.

Shortly after his arrest on Thursday morning, Assange was taken to Westminster Magistrates’ Court where he was convicted of breaching his bail during a court hearing in London in 2012.

The 47-year-old Australian now faces up to 12 months in jail and possible extradition to the US.