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Early to today, CNN Africa’s Stephanie Busari tried to run down veteran journalist Kemi Olunloyo’s work at CNN. She called the years of her work ‘a few rambling interviews’. This did not go down well with Kemi who engaged her.

In our report on that, we wrote about Kemi as the lead reporter on the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber case. From the look of things looks like Kemi Olunloyo has requested verification on her employee status from CNN to fully shut Busari down. Stay tuned for how this goes now. We will bring you all details.

Meanwhile, see what Kemi wrote on her page.

I am awaiting @cnnpr to clarify my employee status in a 20 year stretch which Bukola Dakolo sympathizer #StephanieBusari @cnnafrica challenged me on. I never worked that section. It’s trending on Twitter. Sadly these are the things that make @realdonaldtrump call @cnn #fakenews and you end up slandering other people’s work record because of ignorance. Busari was a 17yo secondary school kid when I did my first assignment at the Cable News Network in 1994.

Ironically this same thing happened to my dad in 2011. My brother who was paralyzed and maimed in the #Alimustgo riots #AkintayoOlunloyo in a federal government car was being taken care of by the Obasanjo govt in 1978 then the Shagari govt when he was 8yo. Tayo is now 49yo and seriously brain damaged. In 2011, to continue his estacode, fmr president Goodluck Jonathan told my dad he had no history of my dad Victor Omololu Olunloyo in the federal or state government and they denied my brother money. My father has served Nigeria in 51 parastatals in 58 years, the shortest being the most popular: Governor of Oyo state. How won’t GEJ know my dad was a commissioner 5 times in Western Nigeria before being a Minister at Science and technology? It was Obasanjo his fmr boss that had to intervene to get the funds. OBJ told us GEJ was just a 17yo Hawking plantains with no shoes on.
KNOW THE HISTORY OF THOSE THERE BEFORE YOU!!! I will be expecting an official statement from @cnnpr. PLS IGNORE THE BLOGS AND FAKE NEWS.


  1. Kemi is going to verify whether she worked for CNN?

    Are you really this dumb or are you trolling? Do you want to be locked up?

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