UPDATE: Adams Oshiomole And Estranged Wife Lara

A little about Lara Forte. Her father is from Cape Verde and her mother was born in Nigeria. Lara is a former staff of Emirate Airlines. She also worked as a lawyer and dabbled in modeling.

The former governor and his wife got married on 15th of May 2015 in Auchi after Clara, the first wife of the governor lost her fight against cancer.

So let us go to the report.

Some yet to be confirmed report has it that the former governor of Edo, who is the current  All Progressives Congress, APC chairman has separated from his wife. The report has it that Lara was asked to agree to some kind of deal that makes her stay on the low and out of the media-sphere.

There was once a time when there was a rumoured separation but the source is saying that this time is for real.

Lara is much younger than her husband. Oshiomole is thirty years older than his wife. According to Adams Oshiomole, he was the very first man in the life of his wife.

We know this could be hard to confirm given the deal but hopefully time will tell.