Her name is Sibeth Ndiaye. Previously Macron’s communication adviser, she takes over as government spokeswoman.

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed his Senegalese-born media advisor as government spokeswoman, one of three new faces for his cabinet as it gears up for the European Parliament elections next month.

Sibeth Ndiaye, a 39-year-old born in Dakar, only obtained French citizenship in 2016 while working as a media advisor for Macron’s presidential campaign.

She replaces Benjamin Griveaux, whose resignation last week came ahead of a suspected run for Paris mayor next year. “France has given me a lot. Today, it’s my turn to give something back,” Ndiaye said at a handover ceremony in Paris on Monday, praising her parents for helping her and her sisters “break through glass ceilings”. After growing up with a politician father and a mother who was president of Senegal’s Constitutional Council, Ndiaye moved to Paris to study at university and became a leftwing student activist before joining the Socialist Party in 2002.