Saturday, January 22, 2022

JUST IN: Veteran Rapper, Biglo Down With Kidney Ailment, Needs Oxygen

Lotanna Udezue Nigerian rapper, otherwise known as ‘Biglo‘ is currently down with a kidney ailment and he’s at a nursing home in California undergoing dialysis and placed on oxygen.

Biglo was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease (kidney failure) in July 2018 and has been on dialysis 3 times per week since January. He has also undergone 3 surgeries.

According to Biglo in a video shared on his Gofundme page, ‘this health condition has turned my life upside down. I have lost my job, house, car and medical insurance. I’m in dire straits and urgently need your help’.

This is his Gofundme page HERE

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