Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo is not taking it anymore! Especially after Shade Ladipo called her liar on LIVE tv. Kemi is still be dragged wrongly for a post she made congratulating one Chioma and a lot of people termed it Davido’s girlfriend.

Kemi has long made it clear that Davido’s fiance is not the only lady named Chioma and that she was only congratulating her god-daughter who recently put to bed.

In the video that has long gone viral, Shade can be heard calling Kemi Olunloyo a liar.

Kemi wrote:

@shadeladipo I am shocked! You defamed me on LIVE national TV. First it was Morayo Afolabi Brown who apologized for questioning my #ptsdrecovery status in being credible about the Dakolo investigation, someone who’s show I was on twice educating about #ptsd then Ariyike on #entertainmentsplash accusing me of first to leak the Dakolos address something they did themselves posting served documents online before blacking out their address both presenters @tvcconnect. Then it was Anambra state government saying on #LIVE news that they CONVICTED me of fake news when the trial was dismissed and case dropped, then Guardian making fun of my #ptsd status.
The culture of pulling my work down ends today. We all saw City FM OAP’s berating @tiwasavage . I am a Journalist Shade just like you. It takes from my work and integrity. I plan a news conference.