Thursday, August 11, 2022

Kemi Olunloyo Comes Now For Linda Ikeji’s Neck [Screenshot, And Photos]

It is definitely not news the attention of the duo Kemi Olunloyo and Linda Ikeji. The women are both popular in their fields, journalism and blogging respectively.

Kemi has been shooting a lot of shots at Linda lately and till today she has a tweet pinned on her page that says Linda Ikeji slept with the fiance of a sister of hers two weeks before her wedding in 2006, the wedding was eventually called off. Kemi also says Linda made a mess of her Activism.

But now Kemi is asking a big question on Twitter,

#HNNGossip Linda Ikeji??? Who’s your bastard Jayce’s father?

Tell Nigerians u hired a surrogate & LIED to Tsolaye Jeremi that u were pregnant & it BACKFIRED! Not engaged either.

Tell Nigerians u RUINED my name and brand with a sarcastic apology on your gun story #GunRaidLies👹

Kemi has been letting people know that Linda never had a baby and now she is making some strong allegations;

#HNNGossip #HNNInvestigates Linda Ikeji allegedly STOLE delivery room pictures of a Geraldine Connor of Conyers, Georgia🇺🇸. The sister Lashonda wrote me in length. She also pinpointed areas of the photos Linda’s media crew edited. Linda has failed to accept surrogacy is not BAD

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