Kemi Olunloyo Explains Family Feud, Premium Times Unprofessional Role

Nigerian Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has let her fans into some of the issues that she has been facing on the family level. She has severally said how the publication by Premium Times spoilt things for her.

Today, she has in a lengthy post explained all and more.

Read below:

Thank you everyone. Pls beware of your family members. They are only there to sabotage you.

Next to the most brilliant person in my family who they maimed, Akintayo Olunloyo disabled during the Ali must go incident 8yo and lost his livelihood now 49yo they sacrificed Oyeleke Olunloyo my 17yo brother 20 yrs ago December 1999 mysteriously dying in a pedestrian accident.

They tried to kill my son Kayode Joshua Taiwo @RichKJtmusic who I play his music on my shows all the time. My mom planted a snake at his door.

When he accused her, she uttered to him “You will die!” I have all the videos. I snatched her Bible, burned it and was liberated.

They have their women secret society in St David’s Church, Kudeti. They are in pure witchcraft. My pastor Ibiyeomie who locked me up was my blessing.

His prayers has held me up since then. This article was written by Funke Olunloyo formerly Omitowoju. She tricked my dad to writing a letter to Nepa to get our prepaid meter. Dad is 84yo.

He takes his letterhead and signs it for our use then he reads what you wrote in his name. Funke photocopied it and wrote the letter to Premium Times.

Premium times swore my dad wrote them. They never called me before publishing or even verify from my dad. By the time I saw it, Daily Post called me and I asked them to call my dad giving reporter Danielle Ogbeche the number.

This is why I never spoke to my dad for two years. Premium Times destroyed my family relationship. Then when fans asked me to forgive after prison, I was determined to continue INVESTIGATING. My own wicked sister wrote it.

Ajimobi did not give her the Special Adviser job during his second term as I promised to call her out and the governor did not need the drama. Imagine the whole internet writing that my dad disowned me. She fucked up in the paragraph about me detained in Ireland.

I’ve never been there. She meant Canada during my deportation. She also messed up saying I worked with Esabod, someone that was clearly my enemy at the time. Now SARS says the violent armed robbery in our house was not only an inside job but one of my family members planned it . That will be in my YouTube docuseries CONTINUED IN THE FIRST COMMENTūüĖ§ūüôŹ

That will be in my YouTube docuseries “The Pain is too much” I have already left Nigeria. I’m just in town on business back and forth. I also have screenshots of chats with my mom and sister happy I’m in prison. God had elevated me. He will shame them now. They did not succeed in using me as a devil’s tool. THIS IS THE LETTER MY SISTER WROTE TO PREMIUM TIMES AND THEY DID NOT VERIFY IT. I’M SEEKING LEGAL ADVISE. THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS FOR READING‚̧ԳŹ