Nigerian veteran journalist Kemi Olunloyo obliged us an interview where she really made herself clear. She said she was offended by the powder, not the accent content. She felt hurt because the powder look was on her face when she got out of prison after showering in her hotel room that same night on January 9th, 2018.

In the video the former fake Big Brother Nigeria housemate made, she was seen with powder on her face and trying to mimic the journalist. The Instagram post gathered a lot of likes.

Ese Eriata has now apologized. Take a listen below.


Kemi wrote on Instagram:

To a wonderful young lady @eriata_ese
Thank you for being a real human being who did not distort my content but only wanted to mimick my accent. Ese reached out to me for the love she says she has for my work and for me in general. She called me a person with a good heart and regretted she may have caused some hurt but simply loved my accent. I told her that when I have my online master classes in language, she will be my special guest. Ese sympathized with my incarceration and loss of livelihood.

Last night in the midst of her hosting an event, she contacted me to tell me she wanted to send me a New Year’s gift to help my radio fund as I’m crowdfunding for my own radio station online since nobody will hire me due to NBC Censorship. She credited my radio fund with a 50K gift. A wonderful young lady young enough to be my daughter. A daughter who cares. For all the others mimicking my newscasts AND distorting what I did not say especially @therealfemi who has refused to apologise or take his content down, don’t burn your bridges, you may be unable to cross it again.