Kemi Olunloyo Speaks On Justin Bieber's Rape Accusation

The journalist who has likened the situation to that of D’banj shed some light on the kind of upbringing Justin had. Kemi Olunloyo said she has not met Justin, saw him last 10 years ago.

The investigative journalist said she was shocked to the core on learning of the case.

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My baby @justinbieber has always been a Transparent kid. I knew Justin Drew Bieber as a boy in February 2011 during his movie premiere in Toronto, Canada. I’ve never met Justin as a man. He grew up fast and it’s been almost 10 years I saw him last. The last picture in the SWIPE 👉 was taken yesterday June 23rd 2020. Photo of Justin Bieber and mother Pattie Mallette in California đź“· Photo credit: @ninofranchina via Instagram
For all the time I knew his mom @pattiemallette who followed him everywhere and raised him with those CLEAN HONEST ideals, even @kennyhamilton the longtime bodyguard assisting me in the picture getting footage of a young female fan as Justin signed her autograph he has always been a truthful child. Then came a liar who said she was raped in a hotel. The audio of this 2011 movie premiere presser interview by the way is at my old brand.
It shocked me to the core when a similar issue happened with @iambangalee and I fully support Seyitan Babatayo’s ARREST. Seyitan is a straight up LIAR, A CALL GIRL and Frank’s alleged girlfriend. Bieber produced HOT receipts and the girl was arrested in his case lying about the hotel and a FAKE RAPE. Seyitan is now surrounded with fake Activists, NGO’s and a GoFundMe. I also have receipts for court. The receptionist at the Glee hotel who they dropped the room key to as they checked out TOLD ME there was nothing like a rape in that room and Seyitan was “just a groupie”. A one night stand does not translate to rape after 18 months. Yes I will defend media freedom. I stand with #justinbieber and #Dbanj. Ask yourself why no media is touching this case like they ignored #busoladakolo vs @biodunfatoyinbo🙄