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Kemi Olunloyo Tells All In A Statement On Her 10 years Deportation From Canada

Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has shed more light on her deportation from Canada. In a statement which she made available on her social media pages, she gave insight as to what led to her fleeing Nigeria and what made her not appeal her deportation even though she has three chances to do so. 
Read the Statement below:
Today Marks 10 years (A decade) I was deported from Canada. My political deportation was never revealed to the Canadian media which many largely attributed to the gun violence activism I was doing accusing the conservatives of designing gun laws meant to kill black children. At 5pm on Friday August 24th 2012,
I was taken from Vanier Women’s prison, a maximum security prison for women near Toronto to Hartsfield-Jackson airport where I was escorted into a KLM flight to Amsterdam then another leg from Amsterdam to Lagos. I arrived in Nigeria late hours of August 25th 2012.
I fled to Canada from Nigeria during the violent 2007 election where several media houses were destroyed and many injured by PDP thugs . I had previously returned to Nigeria in March 2006 to settle down arriving with a 40ft container of my belongings contrary to the false information one writer David Hundeyin was spreading in an article written about me. I did not flee USA to Canada.
The Canadian government gave me 5 years temporary asylum. and I was embroiled in a lot of gun violence political activism. After being notified by a journalist attached to Sussex avenue the home of the PM I was told that I was discussed in the Senate and was going to be deported. I never appealed out of 3 times I had because I had a country of my own. The deportation document read “Nigeria is no longer dangerous for journalists” so they sent me home.
The Canadian government is the most racist government on earth. PM Harper was trolled by many Canadians including the opposition leaders who all fought for me to stay in Canada but I declined to appeal for family reasons. I want to especially thank then MP Justin Trudeau of the Labor party now Prime minister, Mike Sullivan of the NDP who both fought so hard to keep me in Canada and everyone at Toronto Police service who spoke well about me on my departure.
Also the Toronto Sun newspaper journalists who covered my journey Chris Doucette and Joe Warmington. My work in Canada is now the past. It’s been a decade. I want to dedicate this day to those I fought so hard to keep alive and catching their killers . I helped solve 13 murders 2007-2012 including those responsible for the Danzig street mass shooting of 28 people. Most Nigerians don’t know my work in Gun violence activism as writer David Hundeyin said it never happened. Pls do not allow yourself to be miseducated by others. Wikipedia and ordinary Canadians named me a gun violence activist. I did not title myself. I simply fought for the victims.
Rest In Peace to Tosin Amos-Arowoshegbe and Chibueze Momah the latest victims of gun violence in Canada. They were Nigerians killed at their job by an angry patron and to my dear Ephraim Brown the 11yo boy shot in a gang war behind my house in the Jane street corridor of Toronto. Ephraim’s murder sprung me into gun violence activism. The cost of violence is Canada is now $1B a year according to a study. Thank you Retired Constable Scott Mills and Sgt Bassey Osagie for believing in me. I have done my part.
Canada was part of my life journey. I will never return to live there. I urge Canadians to PLEASE continue to call 1800222TIPS to help solve gun crimes and please stay safe🇨🇦
Dr Kemi Olunloyo 🇳🇬
@KemiOlunloyo @Kemified on SM
Wednesday August 24th 2022
To see my gun violence activism that Writer David Hundeyin said never happened simply because the Google journalist couldn’t find it, I have opened the page for today only. You get to see those I fought for 2007-2012 Snitchlady Gun Violence News
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