Monday, March 20, 2023

Kemi Olunloyo To Tonto Dikeh; ‘Come For Drug Test’

Nigerian investigative journalist has furthered her report on the Tonto Dikeh and ex Churchhill saga. This time she is taking up a challenge by the actress who promised to subject herself to a drug test just to clear her name of drug use allegations by the journalist. 

In a chat that was also posted by the journalist, the actress promised to appear at a medical facility of the journalist choosing and will take a test which she will pay for and will be expecting an apology after the testing based on the results.

Kemi Olunloyo took to Instagram this morning to remind the actress that the governorship elections has been postponed and that the actress can now make herself available for the testing.

See Olunloyo’s post below:

Dear Tonto, the governorship race has been postponed. You need to please come out for the drug test you promised me. You need to stop smoking crack cocaine IMMEDIATELY ‼️☠️⚠️It is rewiring the brain and affecting judgement . You say you have stopped smoking but a crack pipe dropped out of your bag accidentally when you arrived at an office building. It is embarrassing, it is not clean and it is destroying you. @drugabuseafrica is here to assist you in getting HELP‼️You have kept your son King Andre away from his dad after deceiving your fans and I have posted the court order. In America where you gave birth to him, King Andre would have been REMOVED from your custody. People have trailed you to the Bunks, STOP going to Abuja’s open drug markets 🌿💉💊Just STOP‼️‼️This is SELF DESTRUCTION COVERED BY MAKEUP AND LIPSTICK. You cannot be a public official in Rivers state.
Get off drugs, you need to be clean.

Kemi Olunloyo Pha

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